XJ6550D X-ray Baggage Scanner

Commodity name:XJ6550D X-ray Baggage Scanner

Product model:XJ6550D

[ Product details ] PRODUCT DETAILS
  • Basic parameter


    High resolution images  

    Simple User-friendly operation

    Strong image storage capacity

    Automatic Self-diagnostic maintenance system

    One Key shutdown control 


    Tunnel Size: 650mm(W)*500mm(H)

    Load Weight: 200Kgs

    Conveyor Speed: 0.2-0.23m/s

    Radiation Leakage: 0.4 μG/h                   

    Penetration: 34 mm steel and 34 mm steel 

    X-ray resolution:40 AWG

    Image magnification: 64 times

    X-Ray Generator

    X-ray Beam Direction: From Top and Flank

    Tube Voltage: 100-160Kv   

    Electronic Current: 0.4-1.2mA

    Cooling: Sealed oil cooling + 100% Dutycycle

    Image Function

    X-ray Converter Arrangement: Dual Energy L-shaped photodiode array detector

    Inorganic/Organic Stripping: Organic substances display in Orange, Inorganic substances display in blue, mixtures display in green

    Maximum Image Resolution: 1024*768

    Image Storage: 100,000pcs

    Image Display Color: Black/White & Color

    Grey Level: 65536

    Zone & Zoom: 1-9 image zones, 248 times zooming

    Other Function: Alarm, Review, Density Enhancement, Negative/positive image, Light/Dark Enhancement, automatic count, One Key Power Off, Working status display, Date & time display, Rush Stop Protection, Dangerous Alarm, System Failure Alarm etc.

    Working Environment

    Work Temperature & Humidity: -10+45/ 5%95%(Non Cooling)

    Storage Temperature & Humidity: -20~60/5%95%(Non Cooling)

    Power: 220VAC(+10%-15%, 50Hz±3Hz)

    Power wastage:0.7 KW (Max)


    5. Application

    Airport, Customs, Railway station, Metro, Police, Court, Embassy, Commercial buildings, Military installations, Ships, Shipping Mall,  Army, Prison, Government agency, Bank, Factory, Hotel, Entertainment environments, Gymnasiums, Exhibition Centers etc. Public security.