XJ-1010 Dangerous Liquid Detector

Commodity name:XJ-1010 Dangerous Liquid Detector

Product model:XJ-1010

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  • Basic parameter

    Product description:

    XJ-1010 Dangerous Liquid Detector is the special checking machine

    on those flammable,explosive and corrodible liquid.Through the computer which detect the small capacitance variation principle, according to the detection of dielectric constant and conductivity of the fluid under test differences, so as to define it is inflammable and explosive or not.


    This detector can distinguish the water, coke, milk, fruit juice and other safety liquid separately with those flammable and explosive liquids such as gasoline, acetone, ethanol with non-touching the liquids directly.


    Using this method to detect liquid, the container surface roughness will effect the detecting result, please select those flat parts of the container for the accurate detecting.


    Technical Specification:

    Product Size223mm(L)*55mm(W)*72mm(H)

    Product Weightabout 200g(including the battery

    Package Size298mm(L)*246mm(W)*130mm(H)

    Gross Weightabout 1.7kg



    Max Current50mA


    Power supply3.7v/23mA

    Environment temperature -1055°CHumidity0-99%RH()



    Function details:

    Articles can be detectedGasoline, diesel oil, ethyl ether, nitrobenzene, banana oil, such as 48 kinds of dangerous liquid

    Sampling Method:Non-touched Sampling

    Warning Way:Sound,light and the colorful LCD display

    Boot time≤1second

    Testing time≤3seconds

    Warning Sound≤79dB

    Article thickness detecting 5mm non-metal containers

    Distance between detector and the container:<3mm< span="">



    Application Places:


    The product can be widely used at these fields such as safety inspection ,terrorist attacks preventing, fire proof and other fields .


    Transport sector: Train and railway station, airport ,metro,airport and ports.


    Government: Embassy, police station,fire station, court's ,procuratorate, frontier inspection station,army,checkpoints,etc.


    Public places: Cinema, mall, sports, venues and other large meeting places where personnel intensive places.


    This detector is excluding ion microwave radiation source and other potential dangerous elements,so it is harmless to operators