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2016 Shenzhen Metro Line 9 comprehensive security solution


  • GUARD SPIRIT win the bid of Shenzhen Metro Line 9

             To provide more high-quality, fast and convenient service for the passengers, approved by the Municipal Transportation Bureau, Shenzhen Metro Line 9 opening trial operation on October 28th 2016! 

              GUARD SPIRIT as the forerunner of China's security checking, doing my part to take the security of Shenzhne people travel security work. we won the bid once again for Shenzhen Metro Line 9 after Line 2 and Line 5, we have provided  X ray baggage scanner and metal detector to secure the safty of Shenzhen Citizen's trip. We are very grateful to people for trusting our" GUARD SPIRIT "brand security equipment, we will, as always,supplying and sending the best quality security Equipment to the place where the most urgent need of the safety and security equipment , for people to travel escort security.