Explosives/ Narcotics Detector

Commodity name:Explosives /Narcotics Detector

Product model:XJ-BT100

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    Explosives & Narcotics Detector

    XJ-BT100 Portable Explosive drug detector is the explosive and  drug detector machine which designed and produced by our company.This product use the international most advanced principle of ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) technology,can accurately detect and quickly determine trace explosives and type of drug, it has been widely used in subway,train station,public prosecutor judicial, border armed police ,government ,postal logistics,etc. key security zone.Can quickly detect the explosives and other prohibited items, suspicious objects which surface residues of drugs on clothing ,bags, goods.


    Product Characters:

    1.3.2inch colorful LCD touch screen   

    2.Light weigh, less than 3KG

    3. Original Swiss imported aviation plug, the built-in ultra-thin lithium batteries, standby time more than 12 hours USB interface, equipped with wireless keyboard;

    4.To transfer data via bluetooth and print test results;

    5.To detect the vast majority of explosives and drugs, and can update explosives and drugs standard material library and upgrade the application.