CTB2008A Under Vehicle Inspection System

Commodity name:CTB2008A Under Vehicle Inspection System

Product model:CTB2008A

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  • Basic parameter

    The Under Vehicle Surveillance System mainly used for checking whole structure under cars, Can quickly and accurately identify the hiding contraband in the vehicle and illegal immigration, smuggling people, faster and more accurate than traditional vehicle inspection mirror, greatly improving the speed and accuracy of vehicle safety checks, reducing investment in human resources


    1、using black and white Array CCD scanning technology Dynamic imaging;

    2Scanning Image resolution: 2048

    3Store or load time:<1 second;

    4Vehicle image display mode: large format transverse;

    5System interface language: English (can be customized);

    6Display resolution: adapt to a variety of display resolution;

    7Vehicle image data transfer interface: NetworkRJ45

    8Scene image display ≥1 channel

    9Dedicated image processing functions

    Vehicle image system, control equipment and environmental adaptability

    1Scan mode: automatic, non- external trigger scanning;

    2The maximum scan rate18kHz;

    3Vehicle speed≤30km/h; Loading weight: 30 Tons

    4View angle180 degrees

    5Scanner connecting cable: 10 meters (can be customized more than 10m)

    6Lighting components : Two single sealed LED surface light source; Life: 50,000h

    7Under Vehicle image scanner with a unique open-wide field scan design;

    8Working voltage: DC24V

    9Power SupplyAC220V/50-60Hz

    10Structure designsingle sealed design;

    11Environment temperature: -20 degrees - +55 degrees

    12Appearance: Aluminum copper alloy composite material


    System host server and monitor

    1Display22 inch LCD Screen

    2CPUINTEL Quad-Core Processor

    3Motherboard : Dedicated motherboard

    4Memory : DDR3, more than 2GB

    5Hard disk : 500G high-speed hard disk

    6Graphics card : DDR3, 192BIT independent graphics

    7Working voltage : AC220V 50/60Hz

    8Working temperature : -20 ~ 55

    9Data transmission cable length : 10m


    License plate recognition system (China domestic only) 

    1Standard 1 channel license plate recognition module, can be optionally extended to two or more channels ;

    2A single character recognition accuracy rate : ≥ 99%;

    3Average recognition time :<20ms;< span="">

    4Whole plate recognition accuracy rate : ≥ 95%

    5The image of license plate allows horizontal tilt angle: -10 to +10 degrees;

    6Character (except Kanji) recognition accuracy≥93%

    7Video SNR > 48db

    For foreign countries, Our LPR camera only can take pictures of the license plates. If you need recognition function, you have to offer the recognition software and database locally, and send it before shipment. Our engineer would integrated to our software.


    1.     The entrances and exits for Airports, prisons, customs and other government departments, large public parking lot etc. to check the prohibited items.

    2.     Events, exhibitions for vehicle safety inspection

    3.     For explosive, military security checking