• GUARD SPIRIT Technical and after service team

    GUARD SPIRIT, a security explosion-proof equipment company with a brand of nearly two decades, has strong technical and stable performance products, and a young, energetic, passionate and highly service-conscious technical service team that can solve various problems for customers . Our technical team possesses professional technical knowledge and has undergone professional maintenance skills training and assessment before taking up the job. Only after passing the assessment can they take up the job for maintenance work. Our technical team can answer customers' professional problems, solve their worries, and enhance their confidence in company's products.The recent bidding for projects in Kunming Metro and Shenzhen Metro is a proof of our professionalism.


  • Guard Spirit Provides Security Equipment for the Second "importing Expo"

    From November 5th to 10th, 2019, the second China International Import Expo was held in Shanghai. Chinese President Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony and related activities and delivered a keynote speech. Shenzhen Xinyuantong Electronics Co., Ltd. ( brand Guard Spirit), as a well-known enterprise in the field of security inspection equipment and application solution provider, will escort this grand exhibition; this time, we chose Guard Spirit security gate, security inspection And other security equipment.


  • Guard Spirit escorted Nanyang Administrative

    Guard Spirit escorted Nanyang Administrative Examination and Approval Service Center


  • GUARD SPIRIT escorts Shanghai Minxing District Museum

    GUARD SPIRIT Focusing on security equipment for more than ten years, as a leader in the industry, it has added a safety guarantee line to the Shanghai Minhang District Museum.


  • GUARD SPIRIT successfully obtained the national military standard certificate

    GUARD SPIRIT has been operating for nearly two decades, and has accumulated rich product knowledge, industry concepts, and marketing styles; In order to enter new areas, enhance brand strength, exercise management teams,it introduces the national military standard quality management system, and strictly implement it. To complete each job with a high sense of work responsibility, improve the management requirements of all employees and the strict awareness of quality management. The product quality has improved significantly in these months, which has also greatly promoted product sales. The "hand-held metal detector" which belongs to this certification product, the sales volume and the yield of 99.98% in recent months, both indicators have reached historical highs. In August of this bumper harvest, we obtained the national military certification, and also made breakthroughs in security and credit ratings.